ready or not..

.. here i come! birds are flying…

… plum blossoms burst in pink clouds….

…and our home gets cozy!

The SiebenMorgen shops will be closed for a little while now, I am off duty and obviously up to other things. Today it’s raining and the dry earth is drinking up the water faster than you can say ‚gulp‘. The last days were like summer holidays and we enjoyed our backyard, now full of fresh greens, A LOT! Spring is easy. And full of surprises… Take good care y’all, see you soon!



2 Gedanken zu “ready or not..

  1. Good luck! My boys are born in spring- and summer time. Everything is coming to life now and it’s such a wonderful feeling! About being ready… I guess one never really is, and that’s a good thing! :)

    Gefällt mir

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