winterleuchten poster print // printmaking week 47

yes, i did it!! i have finished the last two blocks for the annual winterleuchten market poster print. yay!! it was damn cold in my studio, no fun printing at all. also i have cut my thumb while carving the last block and it hurt, especially when it got soaked in terpentine…anyway, i am very releived the biggest work is done and the print came out quite nice. now it’s ready to be processed..

printing the first layer, a light yellow…

second layer, a transparent cyan blue. it’s much more radiant in reality, the photos don’t show it very good. but hey, the weather and light was a washed out dark gray. brrr…

and this is it!! well, what is aaalways great is, when you discover shortly before printing, that you have cut a wrong date!! i made it 2009 instead of 2008!!!!! amazing! i mean, there i sit three days designing and cutting on the block, carefully watching every detail, rethinking twice, three times and i don’t recognize the mistake?! gosh, where was my mind???? now i have to carve a single 8 to replace the 9, well, well….as my grandpa used to say: if you don’t have in your mind, you might have in the legs ( deutsch: wer’s nicht im kopf hat, hat’s halt in den beinen.)

enjoy the weekend! the weather reports here are threatening us with hail and snow..yuk!


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