the trouble of choice

49 colors, 49 papers, 49 knives………….i have this pouch since i’ve been little (well, not that i’ve grown THAT much..), nowadays i carry my knives in it. and i totally agree with snoopy, the more flavours, the more possibilities you have! happy new perspectives opening up everywhere! so, which one to follow??

i have stocked up with supplies, new inks, stamp materials, paper, etc pp. and now i’m stuck within. it’s very inspiring to have all this new stuff on hands, so i always get lost in whatelsestodo, i could try this and that or maybe do something like this…it’s neverending!! like an addiction! and s o much fun! as an excuse for my day and night shifts i can say, that i had to pre-work some stuff, as i’m leaving for london on thursday. another event manager job. if it wasn’t for the money, i would say: i have better things to do :)

49 colors, 49 inks, 49 stamps, 49 birds, 49 flowers, 49 panda bears, 49 mint leaves, 49 littlest greeting cards. i could not decide for one design so i made them all different in all variations.
you find them any day in my shops… see you there or here next week.

enjoy the flavour of the day!


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