printing and packing

i’ve been busy last weekend! punching and printing hundreds of little paper sticks, sorting them, making little vellum bags and printing labels. promo bags that i send out with the orders. the little bags contain three handprinted paper stickers, in many different combinations. collect them all !! ;D

then i printed labels for my new product, the little paper crane greeting! i used to send out bags like this with bigger orders or for customers who already ordered several times. i also made some for dawanda promotion. the response was great, so i decided to make some altered version for my shop:

i am folding paper cranes for years now, mostly for no special reason or purpose, besides the few birdswarm installations i did some years ago. so almost every day, the basket with little cranes gets bigger and bigger, and i’m very happy i finally found a suitable way to pass them on.


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