a beautiful place to get lost

can you hear that sound? do you see what i see??

this is the wonderful costa rei on sardegna, a truely abandoned island in the beginning of april. this is where i have been hiding for the last week, starting the day with extented breakfast on the balcony, palms, mountains, the ocean in sight, accompanied by hungry sparrows. then taking a stroll to the beach, to decide what to do for the day and almost every day getting totally lost . strolling up and down this beach for hours, picking up polished rocks in all colors. the beach on our own, no people, no nothing. you expected the black pearl to appear any moment on the horizon. pirates, secret bays, grottas, woods, rocks, flamingos, snakes, cats, lizards, flowers, goats, the ocean. a beautiful lonely bay and another one just around the corner…

so….yes, i totally got lost in the doing-nothingness, i tell you, it felt GREAT! and now i’m back to the ususal routine, back to the desk, catching up with everything left over from past week, thinking about next stuff to do, doing it, thinking about more stuff to do, then sorting photos and not being able to decide which ones to post, they are so many, at least posting some, typing in some greetz and then … back to work … good night you all!


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