j’s big B-day !

last week was my dear love’s j 30th birthday! finally!! i thought he will never make it. welcome to the club, baby:)

and this is what i made for him as gift. a little stone carved rabbit, to please his hands. i love making things like these and its been quiet a while since i made one last time. unfortunately the stone is too soft to carry it around on a daily basis (!), but j fell in love immediately. like me, i had to stop myself while working on it, i really enjoyed. it took me two days to carve it. i just followed the given forms of the stone, very patiently, and there it was, bunny love!!

of course he got acake, too. we call it „marmorkuchen“ like „marble cake“. a chocolate and vanilla delicacy, simple, but love it. the flowers are mine, j brought them the day we had his birthday party, for all the cooking and stuff i did. so sweet…

(unfortunately the pic is quiet poor and blurry, but the only one i have and i like the colors so much)


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