have you slept well? my head is giving me a hard time, it feels big and heavy. maybe the spring weather. before i hop to the shower look here, i had major fun with making these little sticker bags! they are filled with those little paper stickers, you have to moist on the back like stamps for a letter. we call them „spuckis“, like „spit-ons“… each single sticker is handpunched and handprinted, some of them with even more than just one stamp. but i am not sure if i can sell this….
anyway, ITS FUN!


Ein Gedanke zu “stickerbags!

  1. Wow! I´m also making stickers! But in a different way, your ones look SOOOO BEAUTIFUL!!! Sell them,sell them! I love the ones you gave me, you have to put them on Etsy and Dawanda quick, quick!

    Gefällt mir

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